Smart Motorway

Dear resident
We would like to make you aware of various issues relating to the current works on the M20 to convert it into a Smart Motorway between junctions 3 and 5.  A group of affected residents have met with representatives from the company running the project on behalf of Highways England and they would like to make everyone aware whose properties are affected by noise from the motorway to be aware of the following:
  1. There are no plans to put a Noise Barrier on the Ryarsh section of the motorway.
  2. The cutting back and removal of the trees along this section is called “pruning” but in fact has been so extreme that many residents are significantly affected by the noise.
  3. There are no plans to resurface the motorway between these junctions as part of the Smart Motorway project.  
These problems have been taken up by Tom Tugendhat MP and Tracey Crouch MP who have written a letter to Highways England, copy attached.  They have shared this letter on their social media sites, and the problems have been discussed on Radio Kent and KMTV.  If you live in a property affected by the noise, you may like to contact your MP or Highways England to ask for a noise barrier, planting of trees/shrubs as soon as possible so they can mature and for the motorway to be resurfaced as part of the SmartMotorway scheme.

If you would like more assistance, please contact me and I will pass your details on to the group of residents who are liaising with Highways England and our MP.